Led Tuyp 1.2m 24W

Code: TPT-T8LT120-24W

  With the advancement of technology nowadays, human needs are increasingly optimized, Led technology in the field of lighting is a typical example. To serve the best industrial anh civil lighting for every business, Led tube has replaced the traditional light bulbs such as semodes lamp, filament lamp,…power consumption, poor performance.
  Led tube is a type of led light that is manufactured based on modern Led technology, completely different from incandescent lamps, fluorescent lights. Led Tube work on the principle of releasing energy from electrons when current passes through semiconductors

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 Material Aluminium alloy
Kind of LED chips SMD 2835 
Number of LED chips 120
Cap Polycarbonate
Weight 0.39Kg
Size Ø26×1195 mm


Power (W) 24
Luminous Flux (Lm) 2880
Power factor >0.95
LED Chips Philips
Driver Philips-TPT
Color temperature (CRT) 2700K - 6500K
Color rendering (CRI) >80
Beam angel (độ) 120
Voltage 85-265 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Life expectancy 50.000 hours
Life expectancy IP45


1. LED Chips
  Using the top-of-the-line Philips SMD 2835 Led Lamp, the amount of 120 Chips is evenly distributed on the aluminum printed circuit board, which results      in the heat transfer that occurs during Chip's operation through aluminum outward.
  In the middle of the printed circuit and aluminum sheath there is usually a heat-sealant, which is to increase the contact area and to facilitate the heat     transfer.
2. PC Cap
  Is the part of the lightlight to the eye users not be used, be allocate over than and making the comment for the lamp
  PC Cap of TUAN PHAT TPT led lamp is made of PC plastic which is resistant to heat from 135oC to 137oC, good insulation and fireproof.
3. Sheath
  Made of die-cast aluminum, the aluminum shell acts as a lamp holder, heat sink and protects internal components.
  When the lamp works, it generates a large amount of heat. To help extend the life of the lamp, the manufacturer must use aluminum to heat it out quickly. There are now many types of LED tubes used for plastic, glass. ... for heat dissipation. Part of the cost of these materials are cheap so life expectancy will be low. If the lights are used continuously and in Industrial environment, these lamps change the color temperature, the brightness drops sharply after 6 months and continuous fire after 1-2 years of use.
4. Driver:
  The LED technology only works with DC power, so it needs a 220V alternating current transformer into a DC power supply with a suitable voltage and current called a driver.
  Led lights are low-voltage light sources, changing the voltage can create an electrical current imbalance in the chip, which can cause the light to change, the LED light is proportional to the line. electricity. If the current through the chip lead exceeds the recommendations of the manufacturer, the LED can become brighter, but high temperatures reduce the amount of light at a faster speed and shorten the use time. Thus, the definition of LED life is the point at which light output is reduced to 30% from the original.
  LED Tube TUAN PHAT TPT use Philips Driver, power factor >0.95 for stable operation, ensuring longevity and maintaining the luminous efficiency of Led Chips.


  During the warranty period, if the product is experiencing a problem under warranty conditions, the company’s technician will bring the replacement lamp or new lamp to the replacement user within 24 hours depending on geographical distance. The lamp will be recovered by the company to determine the cause.
Condition is guaranteed:
Product bugs, breakdown, technical breakdown due to manufacturer error.
Warranty is free within 02 (two) years from the date of delivery.
Warranty and Original Warranty stamp on the product.
Customers do not arbitrarily disassemble, change the product structure.
The cases are not covered by the warranty:
Product is no longer under warranty.
Due to natural disasters such as: typhoons, fires, earthquakes … or human impact.
Do not modify or remove any product details.
The product is damaged due to misuse compared to the manual.
The product shows signs of damage due to impact or electric ignition.
Services are chargeable:
Expiration of warranty, damage caused by installation and removal during the process of moving the workshop.
Replaces non-operating elements with original cost for 2 years after the warranty period.
Upgrade new leds updates for higher brightness if requested by the customer.
Address of the product warranty lamp:
Address: 129/15 Street No.2, Ward 16, Go Vap Dist., HCMC
Tel: 028-39961882-028-39961883